About us

Working methods

We make it ourselves

Every part of our instruments is made in our own workshop: design, metal casting, pipe making (essential for an individual sound), furniture making (the case), chests, action and wind supply. This enables quick delivery. The same applies to maintenance and restoration work. If something needs to be replaced, we make the new part ourselves in the style of your instrument. We have our own stock of wood, tin and lead.

Unity through cohesion

We have learnt much from our numerous restoration projects. The finest organs so often prove to be the result of an unequivocal approach to tone and quality. It is this unity that we aim to achieve in our own work. To this end, a harmonic cohesion between all elements of a new or restored organ is absolutely essential. Read more about our approach below.


In the 75-year history of our company we have acquired much experience in restoration and have gained great respect for the work of our predecessors. We treat your instrument as a valuable and integrated work of art, the fruits of the creativity and skill of organ builders through the ages. 

New organs

You are involved in the design of your instrument. Its appearance and sound must be adapted to the space in which it is to stand. Each of our new organs is unique.

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The latest news

Restoration Assendelft-organ Nootdorp

Recently we have completed the restoration of the Assendelft-organ in Nootdorp (NL). Historical value The instrument was built by Johannes Assendelft (1746-1778), an organbuilder from Leiden, who received his education …

A new old instrument for Musis Arnhem

The 19th-century Kam & Van der Meulen-organ that was languishing in Museum Arnhem has found a new home in concert hall Musis. The instrument was most likely built as a …