A new old instrument for Musis Arnhem

The 19th-century Kam & Van der Meulen-organ that was languishing in Museum Arnhem has found a new home in concert hall Musis.

The instrument was most likely built as a salon organ. The current facade was added later. The organ had been hanging in the museum dome since 1931. In 1968 the instrument was restored by Leeflang. It had hardly been used ever since. When the museum closed for renovation, a new place had to be found for the organ. Town organist Johan Luijmes and director Hans Verbugt from Musis found a new place for the instrument in the ‘Balkonzaal’ of Musis Arnhem, where it blends beautifully into the interior. In its intimate new home it can once again be used in the way it was conceived.


Hoofdwerk Bovenwerk Pedaal
Bourdon 16 Discant Holpijp 8 aangehangen
Prestant 8 Fluit 4
Bourdon 8 Fluit 2 Discant (1968)
Octaaf 4
Fluit 4
Octaaf 2
Mixtuur 3 st. B/D (1968)