Inauguration Van Dam organ Oude Kerk Ede

Recently we have finished restauration of the organ in the Oude Kerk in Ede.

The organ case, wind supply, wind chests and pipework have been all been restored. We have made a new reservoir bellow appropiate for this type of instrument, to replace the small chest bellows that were in use since 1967.

With the reinstating of the Prestant 16 from the pedals to the ‘Hoofdwerk’, an important aspect of the original concept was restored. The pipes that were still in the facade have been reconnected.

Several of the registers that had been altered and/or shifted around have been put back in place. The instrument has been revoiced with a more suitable wind pressure.

The organ balcony and case have been given their original colours and all of the ornamentation has been newly guilded.

Van Dam-orgel Oude Kerk Ede | © photograph Van Braak Fotografie


On Thursday April 29 2021 the organ was inaugurated and presented to the public. This presentation can be found on YouTube.

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